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The Story

Serendipity, harmony, aesthetic and sustainability are the forces that got aligned, altogether, to create something that just had to happen: āim.
The founder, Anna Maria Mongillo, had the intuition and the determination to bring these unique pieces to life.

To be precise, to get them to a new life.

our first one

for all your essentials

when uniqueness meets responsability


Alice Forest

Olivia / Rust
640.00 €


Mini Olivia / Cream
480.00 €

Sofia / Light-grey
580.00 €

Alice / Corn
420.00 €

Alice Forest

Alice Suede / Camel
370.00 €


Alice Nabuck / Forest
370.00 €

Mina Grain / Brown
450.00 €

Leo / Rust
90.00 €

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