The Manifesto

Aim approaches manufacturing, applying sustaibability through the acquisition of leather overproduction.
This method does not create demand for more leather, and it does optimise the usage of the existing stock.

This principle enables for each aim bag, to be part of what can be defined as a limited edition, with less units produced by colour/ material. This means that each bag becomes part of an exclusive collection.

Aim believes in the longevity of a product that can be passed from generation to generation.
Aim abdicates to any pressure for comsumption by removing the concept of seasonality, in order to leave behind an obsolete system and go back to a slow pace, to take care of each small detail, allowing artisanal expertise to thrive.

This is possible thanks to the partneship with manufacturers and suppliers which guarantee a production process with a minimal impact on the environment and also adhere to the key principles of corporate social responsibility.

In the near future, aim intend to explore the use of alternative materials such as felt from recycled wool or other natural fibers such as pineapple or apple.

For now, the evolution towards sustainability is still work in progress.
Aim’s approach remains to keep a transparent communication with their clients: Informing the customer of the various steps, from full visibility on materials origin and manufacturers.